Hall Bath Remodel

There’s no project too small or too challenging for the interior designers of Roman Interior Design!  Our clients wanted a spacious updated hall bath with additional storage.  Check out how we converted their small hall bath with 70′s decor to a hall bath with modern decor and maximum storage.

Before Picture 1:

Before Picture 1After Picture 1:

After Picture 1We closed in the bathroom window to create the illusion of height in the shower.  The shower walls now have travertine tile with accent borders of glass and marble (see picture below).  The glass enclosure also creates height while reflecting light to make the bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

Shower WallsBefore Picture 2:

Before Picture 2After Picture 2:

After Picture 2We recessed the new, custom storage cabinet over the toilet into the wall to maximize space in the bathroom.  The new, custom medicine cabinet (old one not pictured) is recessed into the wall and meets the ceiling to create additional height and reflection of light.  In order to maximize the storage, we added a second medicine cabinet perpendicular to the medicine cabinet above the vanity (see pictures below).

Medicine Cabinets 1

Medicine Cabinets 2Before Picture 3:

Before Picture 3After Picture 3:

After Picture 3The new flooring consist of a white marble border to coordinate with the marble in the shower accent borders and travertine tile to match the shower walls.  The tile is installed on a diagonal to make the bathroom appear wider (bigger).

So, what do you think?


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