Fall’s HOTTEST Colors!

Let’s talk color!  Color is an integral part of our everyday lives.  Everyone has a favorite color; a color they hate and typically these are tied to some memory.  Your favorite color may be blue because it reminds you of your summers at the beach or because it’s simply relaxing. Orange and red often remind us that fall is in the air.  Each season comes with it’s own set of colors.

This season’s hottest colors come from Pantone. As is the trend with fall colors, gemstones are emulated, also colors such as gray to remind us winter is at our door and the somewhat brighter colors remind us that the heat of the summer is in the past.


Emerald is this year’s “It” color.  We’ve seen it all over the fashion world, and it’s just as alive in our homes!  This beautiful color offers luxury and elegance. Pantone describes this color as “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

Mykonos blue has the beautifully relaxing color reminiscent of sapphires. Linden Green resembles the crisp color of the peridot gem.  Acai points towards the amethyst gemstone. When the gemstone colors are paired with the more lively colors of Koi and Samba they take on that same look and feel! When paired with the dark colors of Carafe and Turbulence they take on a more sophisticated look.  Don’t be afraid to get creative.  Let these colors inspire you!


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